Spark Your "Bloodsugar," with Chris Carroll's Sweet Music Video

The Seattle-based Filipino-American producer and singer-songwriter Chris Carroll release a cinematic alt-pop homage to David Bowie with his latest single and music video entitled "Bloodsugar."

Through his staple sounds and visuals, it's incredibly easy to recognize the stylings of Chris Carroll, as his throwback lo-fi pop music merged with sample-heavy boom-bap instrumentals make for a truly unique listening experience. Throughout 2021, Chris Carroll has been releasing consistent singles and self-producing his music videos alongside partner Rachel Strodtbeck.

Currently releasing his glittery and glistening music video for his latest single, "Bloodsugar," Chris Carroll leaves any viewer in a trance with his crooning vocals and psychedelic edits. Not to mention the sweet addition of his partner/vocalist Rachel Strodtbeck, the two offer a brilliant ode to confused love while allowing viewers to find heavily relatable aspects within the experience.

As the music video for "Bloodsugar" opens as sweet as honey with a hazy electric guitar melody, the video later transitions into scenes of Chris Carroll's face drenched in glitter while slowly zooming out to show mirrored reflections of his gleaming profile. After transitioning into scenes of psychedelic mandalas grooving to the song's downtempo beat, we're later met with a diamond-studded, disco-ball-faced Chris Carroll serenading us with his soothing vocal portrayal.

As Rachel Strodtbeck makes her ethereal appearance, the two artists later serenade each other with lyrics that touch on their desire to stay and work on the love they've formed. Through their brilliant vocal harmonies and vibrant edits, the music video truly brings us to our knees with each tender, passionate, and reflective aspect.

Watch Chris Carroll's latest music video, "Bloodsugar," on YouTube, and discover more of his reflective and relatable pieces on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chris Carroll. We're genuinely head over heels for the emotional and passionate atmosphere within your latest music video, "Bloodsugar." What inspired the creation of the single itself? The song was inspired by a relationship that looked like true love on the surface, but like coming down from sugar or a drug, the high never seemed to last. A love like that is hard to kick. Could you take us through your creative process when formulating the scenes for your music video, "Bloodsugar," with help from Rachel Strodtbeck? *My partner Rachel is a multifaceted artist and has played a huge part in helping me bring a visual element to my songs. She also sings the incredible harmonies on this track! We map the videos all out on a huge whiteboard, spitballing back and forth, then make frequent trips to the craft store, play dress up, then trial & error with our camera until we get the shots we think will work. I’ve learned to just trust the process, and it seems to work out. The blinged out disco ball head took us about 4 hours to place each diamond by hand, after putting on a bald cap and painting all of my head silver. DIY Magic! How does the music video for "Bloodsugar" amplify and complement the song's lyrical theme? What sort of themes did you want to convey within the music video? Our goal with this video was to take these psychedelic dreams and ground them in a familiar reality, all taking place within a kaleidoscope. Before you become attached to one character, every dream dissolves into another. I believe that we can never truly be seen by others the way we want to be seen. This seems to be the case with any failed relationships or unrequited love. Nor can we fully know ourselves without exploration, for that matter. This video gave me the opportunity to express those different sides of me that are dependent on the perception of another. It was important for us to create characters that embodied my feminine side, my flashy performer self, my love for the dream, and the quiet poet yearning to feel heard. We wanted to capture the highest highs of being in love, holding on tight while falling out of it. The actual kaleidoscope in the video was handmade by a dear friend of ours, Michael Shaw. Should we expect more music videos as you continue to release streams of singles in 2021? Are you currently working on any other videos that we should be aware of? Absolutely. We’ve been trying to create at least one music video per month, and have at least 7 more singles and an album in the works. I'd love to create a video for each of them. I just released a video for my single “True Lies” that is a lot less refined and stripped down, and we’ll be shooting our next one here soon for “Rose Colored Glasses”. I also have an animated video coming out for an older single “Ghost” with a dope up-and-coming illustrator named Chase Kelly, who I met through my friend & collaborator Messiah Jenkins, that I’m really excited to drop. Stay tuned to see me as a cartoon! What's your favorite release of 2021, from an independent artist you admire?

My favorite releases of 2021 are undoubtedly La Fonda’s “New Self Old Ways” and Mustafa’s “When Smoke Rises”. Super inspiring.