Spectoral Is Back and Better Than Ever With the Release of "CELESTIAL"

Spectoral creates unification within his sound. Every aspect that he takes into his music and blends together creates a different kind of atmosphere from what you're used to. A look back at Spectoral's 2019, we saw the release of "What You Want", the first track off of Spectoral's second EP. "What You Want" recently debuted again with a music video, and we love the tenacity and vigor present within Spectoral for the release of this video! We can definitely see the music of Spectoral on hit radio stations, but also in clubs, or on your work out playlist. The possibilities of Spectoral's sound range, and it's within this range that he can be described as multi-categorical. Spectoral has been releasing new tracks lately, notably "CELESTIAL", a track that features such a strong combination of our favorite genre sounds.

"CELESTIAL" recently debuted from Spectoral and co-produced by Martiln. The track includes a swift integration of trippy and psychedelic synths. Those synths are what lay the foundation of what is "CELESTIAL", and even gives it the type of feeling that feels almost ghostly and airy. Spectoral alleviates any stress on your shoulders with the charismatic beat he enjoys with the blending of his eclectic lyricism. How can we even classify the distinctive sound of Spectoral? It's difficult to put genre-blending artists into a specific category because their music simply can't be categorized. For now, we'll say that Spectoral enjoys fusing together pop-like sounds with fundamental Hip/Hop and Electronic components. "CELESTIAL" is a multi-dimensional track, to say the least! "CELESTIAL" comes with an accompanying music video and it was nothing short of perfect. The visuals of this video were addictive to the eye, leaving us with a feeling of upliftingness. The video follows and displays an interesting message as it takes you through an out-of-body like experience. It's very well thought out and is nothing like what we've seen before. Bravo, Spectoral!

Give a listen to "CELESTIAL" here.

Hey Spectoral! It's great to get the time to chat with you about your music. How have you felt artistically over this past year?

What's up team, it's great to get this opportunity to chat with you too! Mostly I spent the last year of the 2010s working behind the scenes, on a huge collaborative EP project for 2020. I also had the opportunity to upgrade some hardware and software in my studio which sets me up to dominate this new decade. And finally, I managed to release a couple of wonderfully ambitious music videos, "What You Want" and "CELESTIAL", I'm extremely proud of them and the team who worked on them with me. You can find them by searching Spectoral on YouTube!

Congratulations on the release of "CELESTIAL"! A great way to end off your 2019 is releasing another track! How do you feel about the way the song was produced?

Thank you! CELESTIAL has actually turned out to be one of the trippiest music videos I know of, particularly in the trip-hop / futurepop genre, so I couldn't be more excited about that. That song, both lyrically and in its sound design, always invoked these mental images of, like, astral projection, out-of-body experiences and the after-life, so the choice of synths and delays and fx was all really integral to selling the vibe of the track. If you've seen Christopher Nolan's "Interstellar", the interdimensional scenes where Cooper is trying to reconnect with Murph across space and time was a huge influence when I was writing the lyrics. I was trying to imagine dealing with the loss of someone I love, and I believe there's got to be some way to both stay united, it's just a matter of finding it, out there in the vastness of the universe. Martiln and I tried to capture that vastness, and the enigma of the universe, within the sound production of the song, before we even began planning the music video. Easier said than done.

Since your music video debut for "WHAT YOU WANT" was so acclaimed, what was the reception like for people watching it's follow up, "CELESTIAL"?

Oh, people have absolutely loved it, sending me direct messages and comments on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, about how it's affected them. I think the best way to experience CELESTIAL is while watching the video, so you get that full package of its intention. The song by itself is a little heartbreaking, so it was really important to juxtapose it with a colorful, compelling video to lift it up back into the pop vibe. It was a complete fluke that I found Julien Truebiger (http://julien.truebiger.de/), a brilliant hand-drawn sketch artist who really drove our vision, using gorgeous colorful pastels and stop-motion style sketches to give the entire video this wonderfully unique, dynamic feeling. It's so dope. I'm a big fan of Julien.

You can watch the video below or at linktr.ee/spectoral

What're the next steps for your artistic career within the year of 2020?

Well as I hinted above and talk about on my Instagram a lot (@spectoral), I've been working on an ambitious collaborative EP project for about a year now. Every time I think I know what the final tracklist is going to be, along comes three more ridiculously awesome collaboration ideas with other producers and artists, and so I'm at this point now where I want to release so much music, but don't want to drop a debut album yet, so I'm going to do a two-parter dual EP release, maybe a year apart or something like that. The first EP is called "DARKNESS MAY FIND US and I've only very recently come to decide that part two is going to be "LIGHTNESS MAY BLIND US". 

My Spotify profile (search: "Spectoral") also just announced to followers there that I've got a major headliner live show on Feb 20th at The Toff in Melbourne. You can find deets at linktr.ee/spectoral - come say hi and have a drink with me after the show!

We're appreciative to get the time to talk about your music! We're hoping your artistic 2020 brings the same success as your 2019! For now, where do you hope your artistic career takes off during 2020? Thanks so much, Buzz fam! Last year was really mostly getting my ducks in a row for this new decade. Between the EP and the string of singles it brings, I'm pretty confident it's going to be a doooope year. Thanks for sticking by me!



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