Spencer Jordan Brings Charm and Persistence With His Latest Single “Bad People”

Nashville’s own pop singer/songwriter Spencer Jordan releases his sultry new single “Bad People.” Growing up in Florida and graduating from the University of Florida in 2016. Spencer Jordan began making his way into the music industry by moving to music hotspot Nashville, TN. Gathering all he’s learned from growing up in a small beach town and finding elements of modern pop that resonate with him, Spencer Jordan’s sound reaches a charming peak with his single “Bad People”. Fusing elements of contemporary pop and Latin guitar only to make the single all the move captivating. Spencer Jordan noted that “Bad People” surrounds themes of wanting someone when you shouldn’t, and going to extreme lengths to reach your end goal.

The first intriguing element we hear in “Bad People” is Spencer Jordan’s hypnotic and dynamic vocal range, serving us angelic falsetto to his powerful chest register. With uplifting yet seductive instrumentation of a single acoustic guitar picking its way to our hearts, the chorus during “Bad People” takes an unpredictable turn. While we’re anticipating a downbeat of rounded pop production, Spencer Jordan maintains his sultry atmosphere by serving us gripping Latin-infused acoustic guitar strumming and his haunting background vocals. With simple yet highly effective kicks and rim hits, we’re really able to get down with Spencer Jordan’s charm and alluring appeal through his transparent display of sensual imagery. “Bad People” takes us on quite the ride, and we’re positive you’ll enjoy it just as much as we did.

Listen to "Bad People" here.

Hey Spencer Jordan, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re captivated by your sensual and highly appealing sound on your recent single “Bad People”. Where did you find inspiration to write such a deeply textured and sultry song?

Now I’m blushing! I’m generally a pretty goofy guy, so I feel like this song definitely threw some of my friends and fans for a loop like “Spencer said what?!?” As far as inspiration goes, all of my songs are born in the truth, either a real situation or a feeling. This song’s story was a little closer to home and came out of a period when I had very strong feelings for someone who was unable to fully reciprocate them. So instead of calling it a day, I did everything I could to get them. Spoiler alert: it didn’t work. This song is definitely a more attractive representation of that time and explores the thrill of the chase more than the emotional turmoil I was going through at the time (that’s my next song!). There’s also something so alluring about the perspective of the “bad guy” and I think that deep down everyone has those “Bad People” impulses that they wish they could act on.

Within the instrumentation on your single “Bad People”, Spencer Jordan incorporates elements of transcending Latin-infused acoustic guitar. What made you want to try this within modern pop? Did the flamenco guitar add layers that met your standards?

So I actually wrote this song close to 3 years ago and wrote it with the intention of having Latin and gospel elements. I grew up playing classical Spanish guitar, so it was very easy for me to imagine the vibe of the song with it. As far as putting a classical guitar in a “modern pop” song, I think people are craving different things in pop now. The genre is so expansive and there’s room for a little divergence.

Speaking on the release of your recent single “Bad People”, why did you want to take a more seductive route rather than any other sounds you’ve experimented with?

So far I’ve been nostalgic, clever, sad, and fun with my releases. I wanted to put out something that showed a different aspect of me that filled out my artistry a little more. This project I’m putting out now is a bunch of songs I love that inform who I am, and I think this showed a side of me that was both necessary and accurate. All my songs are sonically a little different, but when the EP is finished, this song will definitely make sense amongst them.

Since graduating from the University of Florida in 2016 and moving to Nashville to begin your songwriting, is there any change or growth you’ve personally seen over time within your songwriting and sound?

It’s taken all that time to find my songwriting voice. First I had to learn how to really write a song, then I had to figure out the best approach for my style. And the most recent growth is discovering what it is that I have to say as an artist. I’ve written a couple of hundred songs in the last few years, and I’ll be the first to tell you that not all of them are good, but amidst it all, I think I’ve found out where my strengths are and what I have to say that sets me apart.

What can we expect to see from you through 2020?

Well, I have 3 more songs coming out between now and July, which is immensely exciting and deeply stressful. Then after this project is wrapped up, I’m starting a new EP that is probably my favorite group of songs I’ve written thus far. I think we all already know this, but 2020 is gonna be a long year!