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Spice Up Your Days With Vee-Lo's New Hit, "Rip N Run"

From Blythe to Los Angeles, singer-songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop/r&b recording artist Vee-Lo gets caught up in a heated "Rip N Run" with his first fiery single of the year.

Vee-Lo always held music deep within his heart, but it wasn't until he was 14-years-old that he started thinking about making a music career a reality. After quitting to focus on sports and not liking how he sounded in the mic, we fast forward to 2018, where the recording artist started releasing attention-grabbing singles with top-tier production to put his name on the map.

During the years Vee-Lo took off, he gained valuable life experiences and found topics to write bars about, and listeners can experience his composed and confident stylings through hot new singles like "Rip N Run." In this short track, just over one minute, Vee-Lo gives us all the thrill and excitement we've been looking for while pumping up the party with each aspect.

Getting to know the ins and outs of "Rip N Run," the track kicks off with a bright, sonic-heavy production that glitters with chiming synths that take us into the beat drop. When the high energy and squeaky-clean drums begin pounding through, Vee-Lo jumps in with his quick and witty flow that spices up the song with power, charisma, and a dash of playful braggadocious energy.

There's a lot to hear in this song; for starters, the dynamic hip-hop production is incredibly dense and complex but perfectly lets Vee-Lo do his thing and liven the party with his attention-commanding performance. By the song's end, we're left searching for the repeat button to experience the thrill once over.

Find your energy with Vee-Lo's catchy new track, "Rip N Run," now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Vee-Lo. What a fiery and infectious new tune you've released with "Rip N Run." Did any experiences or moments inspire you to create this short but effective single?

Honestly, the beat inspired me. Once I hear a beat that slaps, my mind immediately gets to work, so I start making a song about partying in my hometown. Because when we go up, we go ALL THE WAY UP!

How long did it take to write your confident and swift bars for "Rip N Run?" Do you have any particular songwriting methods that help you write your bars?

I wrote the song in less than an hour. I've been writing for a long time now, so coming up with lyrics is easier for me than most people. I use a 4 bar method to write. Basically, you write out (in your head or on your notes) 4 lines and fill them in until you get to the hook. It makes it easier to feel the beat or make changes if you need to.

Who produced the high-energy and intricate production for "Rip N Run?" Was the beat pre-made for you? What did you like most about it?

My friends but more like family Keair Bennet made the beat. He usually doesn't make west-coast beats, but when he does, they always slap. I like the fact that he got the west coast drum sounds right and how high energy the beat is. It's genius.

How does "Rip N Run" stand out from your other songs? Would you say this new release is a solid starting point for your 2022 releases?

"Rip N Run" stands out from my other songs because it's a recent recording. I have a lot of unreleased songs from over the years in which you can hear my voice not fully matured, but in this song, you can definitely hear the difference. This new single sets the tone for the rest of my releases this year. It's a turn-up song and a Cali vibe, so it shows people what to expect to hear from me in 2022.

What can listeners anticipate next from you?

Listeners can expect me to have them lit at parties, pumped in the gym, and on a fun road trip with good music from me to get them through their travels. Im bringing my favorite artist energy to everyone who listens to me this year. They should be on the lookout for late March/ early April for my next release.


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