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Spice Up Your Summer Playlist With SALGORHYTHM's New Release, "He So Euro"

Confidence is king. SALGORHYTHM's music puts confidence in perspective. This track is the perfect way to add spice to your life. SALGORHYTHM's songs are full of energy and will surely get you moving. Whether you're looking for a new workout playlist or something to get you through the day, SALGORHYTHM's music will keep you rockin'.

Why wear a towel when you can wear nothing? SALGORHYTHM is an eccentric artist who creates out-of-the-box music.

His new release, "He So Euro" is a perfect example of the lighthearted and humorous approach he takes to his music. Inspired by a locker room conversation catalyzed by the lack of a towel. This song pokes fun at the cultural differences between Europeans and Americans. The accompanying video features SALGORHYTHM parading around in a Speedo, reminding us never to take life too seriously. If you're looking for music that will make you laugh and help you relax.

Nudity and confidence are often disconnected in a world of designer clothes, supercars, and social media. Why focus on the stereotype when you can be raw, unapologetically you? Next time you climb out of the shower, try turning up this fool-hearted, lightweight beat. It is sure to get you moving and grooving in the environment where the song was inspired. Make sure to add SALGORHYTHM's "He So Euro" to your upbeat summer playlist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic SALGORHYTHM; congratulations on your latest project, "He So Euro. We admire the refreshing and playful attitude you've brought with your recent single, "He So Euro." What inspired this breezy song about someone's unpredictable ways?

The new single was inspired by a visit to L. A fitness, I was in the sauna naked on a towel per usual, and a man looked over and said, excuse me, sir, you must be from another place; I've never seen anyone naked in the sauna...I kindly replied.."nah, I live right by the gym here in Delray," and for some reason, his comment tickled my funny bone, and I thought, wow! Guess I'm pretty euro. Got inspired, went directly home from the gym, and effortlessly wrote he so euro. I say effortlessly because out of all the songs I've ever written, and I've written quite a few, this one just poured itself out and was finished as soon as I started writing it. Maybe one of the most fun to write as well.

How does "He So Euro" contrast your previous releases? How does this song stand out regarding lyricism, sound, and concepts?

A lot of my previous writing has been based on more serious subjects. Songs about personal growth and the emotional challenges of just being a human on the earth. Inspirational lyrics about how to make it through tough situations and how to deal with the pain of loss in your life, stuff like that. Songs like HE SO EURO and COWBOYS ON CAMELS are a bit of a departure from the serious side of life and put a focus on the fun stuff instead. I love getting people out of their heads or their stress for a moment to smile and laugh a little, to leave the woes of the day behind, if only for two and a half minutes while they jam out to my song.

Knowing I can do that with my music is something I'm very grateful for and

Something that pleases my soul deeply. I also hope to inspire people to do their own thing, whether it's wearing a speedo or going naked in the sauna. Don't take time to worry about who's looking or what they're thinking. You do you, and have a good time at it! Cause life's too short not to smile as much as possible.

What was your songwriting process like for "He So Euro?" Was this a challenging process, or did your words flow with ease?

The writing process, For the music, I usually start things in my mac garage band program, don't Then bring them into a pro music program called ProTools; that's when I collaborate with other artists and add the spices. I start them alone in my living room and then collaborate in the studio with my team to make the magic. I usually make the track and then just listen and hum to it a while, really get to feel it and know it. Then I start experimenting and developing the melodies and rhythms, decide on the concept and GO!.. try not to overthink anything; if it feels good, go with it cuz you never know if it works until you try, whatever it is.

Did you have any musical influences when creating He So Euro? Did you want listeners to remember other artists when hearing the tune?

I about freaked out when I heard 'SEXY, AND I KNOW IT' I loved how fun it was; the tracks were pumpin, their styles were omg amazing, and it was absolutely hilarious! I love it so much and still do to this day. They're my favorite! I'm very grateful to have been exposed to so many different great entertainers that influenced my sound today. I listen to anything from punk to pop, sappy ballads to sassy metal. I love it all! But for the light-hearted approach of Sagorhythm, I would say artists like, of course, LMFAO, LITTLE DICKY, RIGHT SAID FRED, as well as people like BO BURNHAM who weave comedy into the mix in a cool way. I always loved seeing and making people laugh, so getting to do it through music is very satisfying; amazing artists like these were able to do that successfully and were very influential and inspiring to me.

What's next for you?

What's next, you say.. well, we're gonna be kicking up lots of dust with the release of the epic track COWBOYS ON CAMELS; I have a feeling if we got you with HE SO EURO, we're gonna keep you with COWBOYS ON CAMELS. It's a super fun track about a dude living a painfully mundane existence that wants to mean a little bit more to the world than a guy that punches in and out of work every day; he wants to be loved and matter. Had fun working with Mark Bass of the Bass brothers (EMINEM) on this track, and it is what they call fire! I just had a blast performing at Miami swim week for Planet fashion TV over the weekend. My fans can look forward to more shows like that with models, runways, and lots of fashionable people. So much fun music coming in the near future from SALGORHYTHM.

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