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Spin This Track Of High Heat With Mila Nabours, "Microwave"

Mila Nabours is an American actress, singer, and dancer who is making strides in the music industry as the daughter of professional classical musicians.

Since a very young age, Mila Nabours has been a competitive gymnast winning many state and regional championships in both artistic and rhythmic gymnastics. At age 11, she transitioned to dance, where she would train in all styles of the art with an emphasis on acrobatics, hip-hop/jazz-funk, and contemporary.

As a recording artist Mila Nabours has released several original songs that her audience knows and loves her for. In the process of writing her first EP, she gives us a taste of what she’s been up to with her latest single “Microwave.”

In an enthralling soundscape of Electro-Pop necessity, the effervescence that pours from Mila Nabours latest single “Microwave,” brings us life. The upbeat instrumentation plays upon exclusive percussion arrangements that simmer in a stew of nostalgic 80’s Pop styled-components.

Heavily involving the tom drum finesse to sway you into the absorption of anticipation, the impact adds a peaking terrain that the musicality approaches, giving “Microwave,” textured layers. Mila Nabours wide vocal range emits a radiance that dispenses from the depths of her songwriting techniques as a narrative so familiar sweeps the soundwaves in luscious croons. She has a knack for taking her dark, bedroom Pop-infused timbres and adding elements of gleaming magnetism to each word effortlessly conveyed as they float their way into our speakers.

Easing us into the chorus as Mila Nabours buoyantly sings the words, ‘yeah my mind is spinning like a microwave, but I let it go it’s in flames,’ we can’t shake the utilization of a metaphor so perfectly fitting to the storyline depicted through abstract phrasing. There’s a certain essence to the aura of Mila Nabour that has us locked into her grid of original creations. Not wanting to escape, we’re eager to go on this rollercoaster ride in loops.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Mila Nabours, and congratulations on the release of “Microwave.” We love the song in its presentation and delivery. What inspired the narrative behind the lyrics?

I wrote this song in means to show my development as a person, portray the reminiscence of old times, and talk about finding myself along with finding the right people in my life. I speak on important values like trust and loyalty, which have been traits that have been hard to find in others. The story progresses as the song goes, and by the chorus, I express the idea that I’ve figured things out, started fresh claimed my future.

How does “Microwave,” compare to some of the other songs found in your music catalog? What does it say about you as an artist?

This is one of my most upbeat songs, but even so, has a very meaningful message to me. I feel like this song shows my range as an artist, mostly with my diversity in style. My last song has a very edgy vibe, completely opposite from this new song.

Indulging yourself in the art of acting and dancing, do you find that the creative process you approach for those talents seep into the creative process you embody as a singer? What are some similarities and differences?

I feel like, in all forms of these arts, the main start to the creative process is figuring out what you want to portray, and how you want the audience to feel. When it comes to acting, one big thing I think about is what my intention is in my dialogue, and why I’m having that certain conversation or certain thoughts. Same with singing, as I tend to think about why I’m saying a certain thing and what it means to me. When it comes to dancing, I have to portray my style with my movements rather than my voice, so having little nuances is very important.

With each artist having a different message to get across, what are you saying to your fan base?

The main message I want to get across to my fan base is that it’s okay to not feel okay all the time. Finding out the reason for your negative emotions is a start to solving the problem and that focusing on taking things little by little is the path to feeling your most authentic self.

I know it’s easier said than done though, and that’s okay!

What's next for you?

An EP! I’m currently in the process of writing my first EP and will be releasing that soon.



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