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"Spinning Blocks", A Clever Confrontational Commentary By ABC Young’N

TJ Taylor, more popularly known as ABC Young’N, is a Southern State rapper who is steadily making a name for himself in the Hardcore Rap genre by unabashedly vocalizing his truth. Born and raised in the treacherous streets of Prichard, Alabama, Young’N found solace from his violent upbringing by opening his heart to music. At age seven, he began putting pen to paper and eventually went on to record a slew of hard-hitting, catchy songs.

Young’N’s “Spinning Blocks” is an unapologetically gritty look at the urban experience in dangerous communities and solid reminder of how crucial it is to stay alert at all times when “in the hood”. It is an in depth analysis of gang culture - a dangerously delicious exposé on the seismically active -yet often ignored-violence in many inner-city communities. The song’s instrumentation demands our attention, but it is the cleverly-constructed lyrics that relentlessly challenges our consciousness. Young’N’s vocal and lyrical delivery allow us to delve into the perspective of a young hustler who is trying to make it despite all the naysayers around him. We are ,in fact, almost compelled to sympathize with the song’s persona rather than condemn him for his vehemently violent intentions. This song epitomizes the notion of staying alive by any means necessary in a society where only a select few make it out unscathed. “Spinning Blocks” is not a track about killing for clout ; it is an inadvertent social commentary on the rationale behind the actions of young men growing up in harsh realities.

This entrancing and funky tune absolutely has that Japanese culture feel to it. With so many different layers scattered throughout this song, it gives real depth to the track and helps with the emphasis ABC Young’N puts on the lyrics. He is able to emulate his emotions extremely well through each lyric, and has a very unique style to the tone of this vocals. With lines like “You don’t need a parachute, let my love carry you home” you can really feel that this is almost a sort of love song, describing how he would support his partner and love them. It really is touching to hear the different ways that love can be presented through music and this track has a certain finesse that makes it unlike any other ballad you would hear. I personally enjoyed the flow of beats in the track and how each different sound blends so seamlessly together to create such a lively song. If you are looking for an out there song that is bringing in a new style to modern music that is hauntingly good, then look no further because ABC Young’N has you covered.

Give a listen to Spinning Blocks here, and scroll below for ABC Young’N exclusive interview!


ABC Young’N, thank you for speaking with us! Tell me a bit about yourself. How did you come by the name ABC Young’N?

My name is Tj, I’m only 16, I got the name abc Young’N from Scarface-- in the movie everything was about money, it feel like life is all about money. If you don’t have money, you can’t do nothing, if you don’t have money you not important, ain’t nothing free in life and if it is it still come with a cost so I feel like life all bout cash so that’s what I based my name off of.

It is no secret what spinning blocks means in popular culture. What was the inspiration behind the lyrics of this song?

Spinning blocks was just a song I did in like a day cause I had a show in New Orleans but the meaning behind the lyrics is I’m really out here living what I Rap I had some problems and people was dissing and talking about me so I took all the anger I had and put it in spinning blocks to let people know I really do this I ain’t scared of nothing and I won’t back down from nobody and I spoke on a small situation in the song basically the meaning behind it is if you play me like I’m scary then that’s something ima handle .

How has your upbringing impacted your artistic vision?

I been thru a lot in life my sister died , both of my brothers got killed , I watched   my loved ones do drugs, family steal from me, I done been robbed , shot at , my momma lost me at a young age to drugs and my daddy in prison I live with a adopted family  like I really had to get it from nothing so I just started putting all my pain in words on paper and then when I was 7 I tired to rap in the studio and after that I felt like I can really do this so I just kept with it and I’m not stopping I got a baby to take care of I can’t give up I’m doing everything I can to take care of him and live for him.

You said NBA Youngboy & Jaydayoungan are two of your idols. Why is that? How has their artistic delivery helped you to hone your craft?

Ima start of with NBA Youngboy , Youngboy is the one I really look up too. Songs like “Life” and  “alotta miles” and “For it” are some of the songs I can relate too. He make me feel like I can really make it with this rapping. And when he speak on what he going thru I relate so much it’s crazy , I’m not saying we had the same life growing up but most of the stuff he went thru I did and it’s crazy that’s why I listen to him so much. And he blew up big at 16 he one of the most hardest rappers out right now so I look up to him . With jaydayoungan I just like how he jump on the beat and ride it like that man so hard so I hone my craft from them cause the delivery jaydayoungan And youngboy bring to the best is crazy everybody say “They never make a bad song “ I want people to say the same thing g bout me so I respect them for what they doing.


What can we hope to see from ABC Young’N in the future?

I’m working On A Mixtape Called “Vision Of A Menace” And I Got Some singles on the way soon hopefully I can blow up soon cause I’m grinding so hard and I’m ready for everything to pay off


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