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Split Endz Released Their Single “Feelin Luv”

Personally, I’m a big fan of the way music brings a specific vibe to you that you may not have felt prior to listening. It’s one of the many features of music I enjoy! So whenever I hear a song that radiates energy or delivers a specific type of mood, I instantly become drawn and attracted to it. When listening to Split Endz “Feelin Luv” my whole aura changed. It’s like prior to listening to this record my mood felt more dull and dry, however once the infectious melodic beat began to play, I found myself becoming indulged into the sound. It’s like you start to slowly initiate yourself into the chilled song.

“Feelin Luv” is like a laid-back, cooling song that doesn’t do too much of aggressive delivery but still projects a breathtaking sound through subtle delivery. In my opinion, it’s completely fitting for a nice car ride and cruise around town with the windows down and breeze flowing in and out of your car. Who doesn’t love a song that simply discharges light-hearted energy and joyful diffusion through your body? “Feelin Luv” fits right in the plethora of sunny music and artists who know exactly what you need in a moment of despair, melancholy, or lack of contentedness.

Listen to "Feelin Luv" here and get to know more about Split Endz below!

Hello! Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and what inspired you to start making music?

Split Endz: I started listing to digital underground when I was a kid along with Zapp and Roger around the house. It was something my pops played religiously. I feel in love with the melodies. What turned me on to hip hop is my oldest brother, he bought the single to Nothing but a G thang an that tape had the instrumental on the back, so I started freestyling to that beat, because I wanted to rap like snoop.

Tell us about “Feelin Luv” and the meaning behind it?

Split Endz: It's me appreciating the woman who brought my kids in this world, and by her being a good woman and friend, I wrote a song expressing how she is my earth and I am her sun, here to give her warmth an protection. 

What inspired you to write “Feelin Luv”?

Split Endz: Luv/Love was the engine that inspired  me.

What were some challenges you’ve faced in creating “Feelin Luv” and how did you overcome? 

Split Endz: It really wasn't challenging, other than trying to articulate a reverence I have for the woman of my kids an all the mom's that handle their business. Thank You! To all the good women and mothers.

What’s next for you? 

Split Endz: I'll just keep being inspired by life to make music molded by my essence.


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