Spotlight: Alyssa DVM Continues to Evolve

The musically versatile singer-songwriter Alyssa DVM hails from Hamilton, Ontario, where she has found her unique sound. Having grown up with rock vocal training and a passion for acoustic timbres, she decided to enroll in college to further study musical theory. With her toolbelt overflowing with music knowledge from various genres, Alyssa DVM has unlocked a sound that blends her favorite aspects of each genre.

Alyssa DVM released her debut EP in 2019 under her short-form name ADVM, which immediately sparked attention and induced a chain reaction to rocket her career forward. The extended project was soon followed by several singles, and Alyssa DVM has just come out with her most recent release “Presence.” As she grows and develops as an individual her music simultaneously evolves, which allows her to treat her fans with something new for each release. Her strategic production, elegant instrumentations, and reflective songwriting capture the hearts of her listeners, who are eager to hear what else Alyssa DVM has in store.