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Spotlight: Amanda Pappalardo Shines Her Passion for Music Through Her New Single "High Heels"

Multi-talented singer-songwriter Amanda Pappalardo has had a passion for singing from a very young age. Hailing from Southern California, her latest single, "High Heels," is a striking anthem that takes a journey through edgy rock and ferocious energy.

Intricately crafted lyrics pair with vibrant instrumentals to bring new imaging to listeners' foreground when they encounter a difficult battle. Pappalardo's storytelling ability paired with striking production techniques vamp up the dynamics and deliver a forceful message. This latest single embodies Pappalardo's authenticity as she found herself simply sitting with her guitar with no pressure to write when chord progressions and lyrics begin to fit together.

"High Heels" is a single that delivers an emphasis on the idea that no matter what is in your way, you can accomplish anything if you have your high heels on. With more content and live performances to come in 2021, we could not be more excited to feel empowered by more of Amanda Pappalardo's motivating tracks.

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