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Spotlight: Angel Dweh Lives A Life Full Of Romance In “Tonight”

Liberian-American artist Angel Dweh showcases his record “Tonight” with a twist on the rhythm of Afrobeat. Angel is a songwriter, composer, dancer, and actor. His skills in the arts field feed his musical work as he combines sounds from Pop, Afropop, Afrobeat, and R&B. Angel feeds his music on his Liberian roots, embracing the cultural heritage he carries, and that has earned him the title “Afro-prince.” In his new single “Tonight,” Angel Dweh combines Afrobeat with R&B sounds to create a chilling and airy ambiance. The instrumentals and vocals will make you close your eyes and feel your heart beating to the sounds. “Tonight” starts with subtle synth notes and Angel Dweh’s voice in front, vibrating and showing his vocal skills. Angel Dweh is tender; listening to him while the electric guitar plays alongside the rich drums makes you want to dance and let loose. “Tonight” is the right song you want to hear when being next to that person that gets your heart jumping. Listening to “Tonight” unleashes your imagination by placing you in a story where you pull your lover close to you and dance regardless of all obstacles. Or even better, you dance by the beach, hearing the waves crash on the sand and letting the warm wind caress your skin. Catch Angel Dweh's full review and article for his roaring new and creative record "Tonight" here.


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