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Spotlight: Apoll0’s Music Touches All Who Listen With Deep Lyrics and Incredible Sounds

Michigan-born artist Apoll0 lives to experiment with sounds and genres. Born Randall Ellwood Burgett Jr., Apoll0’s love for music and instrumentation is heavily influenced by his musician father who dedicated years to performing and music-making, as well as his mother who was trained in Opera.

Apoll0’s experimental style of music is one that all music lovers can appreciate, as no two songs are ever the same. His music aims to bring something deeper into the world, sparking conversation and questions and always looking for more meaning.

Starting a band in high school and starting to release music grew his confidence even more, and when he started to release solo music Apoll0 he knew that this would be something he could do for the rest of his life. 6 years later Apoll0 is consistently working hard on new releases such as his latest single “Infinite 444”, which displays his talents as an artist and message for the world. All genres such as Hip-Hop, Alternative, and R&B elements can be found throughout his music.

Apoll0 is heavily involved in all aspects of his music creation and also shoots his own music videos when given the chance. His determination keeps him going even through hard and doubtful times, and will continue to propel him forward in his career.

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