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Spotlight: Awaken Your Dark Side with Dark-pop Duo RAINNE

RAINNE is a Los Angeles-based dark-pop duo that has recently released their haunting single “Spiders,” which gives fans a taste of their captivating sonic sorcery.

The duo is made up of the classically trained artists Annie Dingwall and Justin Klunk, who each bringing a unique emotional density to the table. Annie Dingwall spotlights her complex mind through metaphorical songwriting as she vocalizes her stories which complement a contemporary dark-pop atmosphere. Justin Klunk combines melancholic electric guitar melodies with heavy synths to create RAINNE’s staple ominous tone.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, RAINNE describes the inspiration behind the metaphor of their recent release “Spiders.” Annie Dingwall describes, “I would lie awake for hours trying to clear my mind to fall asleep, and the harder I tried to stop the thoughts, the more they invaded my mind. I felt that was pretty similar to when people notice a spider (or another bug) crawling in their house and find it hard to just ignore - the more you don’t want to think about it, the more you do. These uncontrollable ideas have a way of spinning a web of thoughts upon thoughts, and before you know it you’re stuck in this spiral and can’t get out. Writing this song helped me come to terms with this kind of anxious thoughts, so I thought it only fitting to pair it to a creepy, lullaby-like melody so I could finally put them to bed.”

Discover the full interview with RAINNE, here.


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