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Spotlight: Blake Collins

The newly released groovy, single “I’m Not Gonna Take it Anymore,” by Blake Collins creates a contemporary and timeless sound while holding an upbeat and toe-tapping experience.

This Alt-Rock singer-songwriter uses high-energy drum patterns and uplifting lyrics to create a retro 60’s style tune about trying to flee a troubled relationship that had a hold on you. Taking us back to simpler times, Collins' nostalgic writing and producing style is able to keep listeners locked in with piano melodies and a guitar and drum connection.

As mentioned in interviews, Collins created this track with hopes of producing a fun and universally relatable rock song. He wanted listeners to feel empowered in their newly found sense of independence just as he found as he started off his 2021 releasing this amazing new single.

The connection between Collins relatable lyrics and instrumentation makes this track truly timeless and with new music on the way make sure to stay tuned for more feel-good songs as his career continues to grow and flourish.

Discover more about Blake Collins, here.


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