Spotlight: Boi Blue and Milah Dynamically Compliment Each Other to Create Music From the Soul

Boi Blue and Milah are one of those collaborators that think about what a song needs and calls for before anything else.

From start to finish, they are heavily focussed on the details of the project and not moving forward until each element is perfect and does what it needs to do - exactly what a good song needs. Each collaborator's unique style also comes into play, especially with their latest release “Top Ten” where Boi Blue’s signature flowing rap perfectly compliments Milah’s dreamier soundscape.

The two sound gelled together within the music and it’s these types of unique dynamics that allow for music from the soul to be created. Drawing in influences from classic R&B to modern hip-hop where the speakers will love all of their 808 power, Boi Blue and Milah are collaborators that are sure to place their music in your top favorites.