Spotlight: Boxtrod Explores Music Across All Boundaries and Genres

Boxtrod is an artist that has explored music across all boundaries and genres. Starting off creating blues and guitar-based music, his sound has flourished in the independent alternative niche taking inspiration from other artists like Radiohead and James Blake.

Boxtrod's out of the box approach to his artistry fuses elements of folk, electronic, and ambient tones into his pieces.

Boxtrod holds an innate connection to his craft, exploring other creative outlets that truly foster a forging ability to create one's path in life. Striving for connection, Boxtrod produces his music to inspire and move his listeners; his art is a journey and he wants to send his listeners on their own journey when listening to his creations.

Boxtrod's ability to experiment with different elements of sound provides an authentic listening experience for the listener and will leave you wanting to hear more from Boxtrod.