Spotlight: Breaking Genre Boundaries with Mallory and, ‘305’

Mallory brings us her new pop-infused, hip-hop single "305," with inspiration from early 2000’s R&B and gospel. Mallory adds glamorous twists throughout her contemporary lyrics and innovative sound.

"305" takes a deep dive into the consequences of lack of transparency within relationships, as she describes the night she wrote ‘305’, having returned home from a trip to Miami and battling issues in her personal life, Mallory creates an air of familiarity for listeners who have struggled through disconnects with their partner.

Although music provides an escape, Mallory speaks to the nervousness she felt opening her music up to interpretation as well as privacy. Despite all of this, Mallory emphasizing the importance of the truths within her music and how the writing process allows her to carry on.

As for the future, the genre of or sound may change but Mallory says the music “will always be relatable and honest."