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Spotlight: Cam Schnell

Combining the spirit of rock n’ roll, pop, funk, and country, Cam Schnell embodies natural musicality in his new single “Be Alright”. This spirited single addresses not only the daily grind individuals face, but all aspects of individuals' intricate lives. This upbeat banger combines instrumental energy with personal lyrics. The combination of guitar and drums creates a lively, and groovy 60’s esque backdrop for each optimistic lyric. Focusing on creating the maximum sound with basic instruments, “Be Alright” arose from a process of experimentation but resulted in a catchy tune that will have you dancing. Encouraging listeners to thrive off of the energy he creates, Schnell argues that our world needs more positivity every day and he is the man to bring it out. This lively single not only relates to listeners on a deeper level but assures them that everything will “Be Alright.” Currently streaming on all platforms, Schnell ensures that “Be Alright” is unlike any single he has previously released as he continues to step outside the box with every musical release.



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