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Spotlight: Cam Schnell Shows Off His Adventurous Side With New Music

Cam Schnell is your classic old-school-inspired multi-genre experimentalist. He is always crafting music that leaves an impressionable mark with fluctuating themes brought to light.

Recent work from Cam Schnell included "On The Way To Tennessee", which featured a high-energy, feel-good performance from the artist himself. He gave high-quality imagery with his confident, forward style and sang until we felt pure heart.

Once we caught up with Cam Schnell, we realized he's just as cool as the "On The Way To Tennessee" narrative. He's a spontaneous artist, who isn't afraid of experiencing new journeys. And, as a result, we get to revel in the spontaneity of Cam Schnell's life, ultimately through his musical content of course.

Cam Schnell intended to keep the production of "On The Way To Tennessee" simple, as he wanted the lyricism to be the main mark of the song (and was it ever). Listeners were encouraged to feel each and every affection of the song, and hopefully to dance/sing along if inspired enough. Overall, Cam Schnell proves with "On The Way To Tennessee" and his other tracks that he is a jubilant force to be reckoned with.

Check out Cam Schnell's full BuzzMusic article, here.


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