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Spotlight: Canadian Hip-hop Icon Black$tar Creates a Genre Bending Cocktail

Hailing from Calgary, Canada, Black$tar is a singer-songwriter on the rise who is aiming to make a name for himself in the world of Hip-hop.

Growing up, Black$tar discovered his passion for Hip-hop and appreciation for soulful melodies by listening to T.I, Lupe Fiasco, and Mac Miller. While he stays true to the genre of Hip-hop, the Canadian artist is known to dabble with the likes of Alternative, Pop, Punk, and Rock music. Of Jamaican descent, Black$tar looks to cultural influences, giving his music a unique and memorable effect. His recent album “Holy” showcases his seamless blending of genres that features thought-provoking lyrics layered within organic instrumentations. Black$tar is currently working hard in the studio with hopes to release an EP in the near future, giving his fans something to look forward to.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Black$tar shares his mission statement:

“My mission statement is just to be myself I'm not tryna chase any sound or be someone I'm, not I make the music I want and based on how I feel. I make music for all the kids that have a dream but then have someone ruin it with words and negativity cause I've been there having family and friends even teachers tell me that I was wasting my time or if I had a plan b cause if you put the work in and have faith anything can happen. I'm from a small town in Calgary Alberta and I was able to get my song in a multi-million platform game.”

Discover the full interview with Black$tar, here.


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