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Spotlight: Classic Rock Band Champagne Resonates with Listeners

Soaring in from Austin, Texas, Champagne is a brand-new classic rock band that incorporates flavors of various genres, which keeps their music unique and refreshing for the listener.

The project was originally founded by Nick Seaman, who grew bored with his regular office job and eventually searched for an outside hobby to increase the excitement in his life. After asking his co-workers to join him for a gig under the name Astro Maniac, the budding artists fell in love with the music scene.

The former office job co-workers then formed the band Champagne which officially released its debut self-titled EP 'Champagne' in 2021. With flaming charisma and contagious personalities, the band’s chemistry and cohesion are what make their music so memorable.

With the lyrical EP concept of love, Champagne showcases their passion and self-reflection through their songwriting. Combined with exploding guitar riffs, soulful bass lines, and exuberant drum patterns, their thoughtful lyrical message will resonate with fans, making them restless for what Champagne has to offer next.

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