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Spotlight: Dive into Jess Vega's Passionate Pop Ballad, "For U"

Pop recording artist and singer-songwriter JesseVega brings us his new passionate single "For U," and is sure to be a hit with its uplifting lyrics and melodies.

"For U" was produced with help from VOKIDO and INV3RT, and creates a record that Jesse says, “you can play in your car over the horizon with your lover and groove to the beat over the sunset." It includes a bumping 808 and a beautiful keyboard melody reminiscent of the warmth between two people.

Jesse tells BuzzMusic, he found inspiration to write "For U" as a tribute to his long-term partner. He called on producer Cool-Breeze to produce a Spanish version titled "Seras Tu," inspired by Jesse’s Latin heritage. "Seras Tu" has been a massive success, as Jesse has been nominated at the LDM Independent Radio Music awards in both Latin and pop categories.

We cant wait to see what Jesse brings next to his caliente career.



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