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Spotlight: Gerald B Gets Real on Life and Accomplishments

Prepare yourself for a dynamic, creatively charged experience from none other than expressive artist Gerald B. If you aren't already aware, Gerald B released his EP, titled "You Know the Vibes."

The product was impeccably expansive, as Gerald B articulated many of his deepest thoughts regarding the ups and downs of everyday life. The narrative within the EP's tracks shape a positive outlook nonetheless, and Gerald B instills a sense of pride within himself, as well as inspires listeners to do the same in the process.

Once we had a chance to catch up with Gerald B after his EP release, he shared that "Big Boy Moves" was one of his personal favorites to create. He felt reminiscent once crafting the EP, and reveals the authenticity behind the moments of writing and recording.

We're encouraged by Gerald B's stamina, strength, and overall talents. He's one for the books, and we can't wait to see where his EP release takes him.

Read more about Gerald B and his EP release, "You Know the Vibes" in his full BuzzMusic article, here.

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