Spotlight: Grace Otto Packs a Punch With Ex-Lover Inspired Single, "You're The Worst"

What can we say about Grace Otto? For starters, she's a fiery artist with high-spirited intentions. The combination produces riveting performances, all of which touch on varying topics of interest.

Grace Otto's latest release consisted of a pop-driven single, titled "You're The Worst." What a name. The song has her opportunity to unleash her truth on all wrong-doers within her romantic life. Her passion was compelling, and the narrative was all-too-familiar. We're stirred by her bold and mesmerizing delivery, and not just content-wise, as her vocal range performance gave quite the show. Grace Otto is most definitely an established vocalist, leading to an inert quality to her songs.

Having a chance to catch up with Grace Otto about her release, she mentioned that her playwriting background gives a strong foundation for her ability to craft intriguing, content-heavy stories. She delves further into the background behind "You're The Worst," and we mean all those juicy details surrounding break-ups.

To learn more about the life of Grace Otto, especially when it comes to the inspiration behind "You're The Worst," check out her full BuzzMusic article and interview here.


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