Spotlight: Hip-Hop Artist iNTLCT Shines a Light on Systemic Problems

Hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, the budding Hip-Hop artist and rapper iNTLCT has an important message for his fans.

Spotlighting authentic instrumentation to take us back to our roots, iNTLCT stands out among other Hip-Hop artists. The healthy combination of organic orchestration and electronic production complement each other to form a cinematic Hip-Hop cocktail. With an effortless flow between each verse, iNTLCT gently guides the listener along the lyrical journey he provides with every song.

When it comes to his songwriting, iNTLCT proves to the listener that he is a writer first. He draws inspiration for his lyrics based on exactly what is on his mind during the songwriting process. The Alabama rapper often illuminates critical topics that many people tend to avoid such as systemic oppression, trap mentality, and self-awareness.

By shining a light on what is wrong with society, iNTLCT is providing the first step to overcoming these issues, which is speaking up. With the ultimate goal of sharing the tools he has gained with his listeners to motivate them to reach their potential, fans are excited to hear what iNTLCT has for us next.