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Spotlight: Hood and the Shogun

With his newest single “Dragon Tales (Moment of Peace)” rapper and producer Hood and the Shogun looks at his own personal issues and thoughts through a more optimistic lens. As an artist straight from the Bronx, Hood and the Shogun writes authentic verses that emphasize the importance of collective togetherness.

His vision-filled artistry is demonstrated with each lighthearted instrumental and intricate gratifying lyrics. The nostalgic approach within “Dragon Tales (Moment of Peace)” transports listeners into Hood and the Shogun’s old school hip-hop paths while continuing to hold an organic and refreshing spirit. Bar for bar, each lyric holds a lighthearted nature that sheds a dexterity fueled by passion.

Finding influence through the strokes of positivity in his darkest moments, the energy within this track speaks volumes about the depth and inner strength of Hood and the Shogun. No matter how difficult times may be, these obstacles will not change his mindset for the worst.



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