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Spotlight: I.K.P. Shares Flavorful Wisdom in New Music

Prepare yourself for a fresh, new take on the current Hip/Hop genre we know today, as I.K.P. is here, and he's ready to show off his eccentric style.

I.K.P. is the type of artist, that once upon hearing, one feels almost overwhelmed, in the best kind of way. The collection of sounds that he applies to his tracks are incredibly diverse. There are many elements of the underground Hip/Hop scene that are evenly integrated into the more modern-day beats of the popular Hip/Hop scene.

The product that one receives with I.K.P is different from the usual, and a perfect example of this was his latest release that BuzzMusic covered, titled "Boiler Room". Once we got a chance to catch up with I.K.P on his single, he explained that the track was meant to focus on uplifting listeners by reminding them to face the world with their heads held high. Hardships are inevitable, but one's attitude towards them is what can be manipulated.

I.K.P. packs a ton of useful wisdom within his tracks, which are always backed by an entertaining production. All we have left to do is wait for more future releases from this front-forward artist.

Check out I.K.P.'s full BuzzMusic article here.

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