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Spotlight: iBleazy Shares His Love In “F4U”

Singer & songwriter iBleazy takes us on a journey as he sings a declaration of love in "F4U".

iBleazy has musically come a long way. His journey started at high school, and since then has given music an important place in his life and has grown over the years as he improves. Now he is creating songs to sing bluntly about life, mental health, and love. “F4U” is a romantic and feel-good song you would like to sing to that special one. iBleazy uses his powerful and emotional vocals to say that love matters and talks about how it transforms your life, and he does a fantastic job expressing it through the sounds of tender pop. As we hear the electric guitar playing nostalgic chords, it brings sweet memories as iBleazy’s voice flows in. It is gentle and melodic, making the lyrics run smoothly to your heart, almost like he’s reading a handwritten love letter. iBleazy is an extraordinary storyteller; it's simply amazing how he put his emotions in such sincere words. While he demonstrates his vocal abilities, he sings about how he is willing to spend his life with his beloved. Well, that’s true love for you. Catch iBleazy recent review and interview for his current single “F4U” here.


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