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Spotlight: Inart Is a Voice for Those Who Don’t Have One

Born Oghentega, Ovbagbedia, the advocating artist is based in Lagos Nigeria where he produces his music under the name Inart. Living in the hub of African creativity and innovation, Inart is right where he belongs as he is fresh off releasing his five-track EP “MERAKI.” Refusing to restrict his musical evolution by boxing himself into one genre, Inart expresses his layered musical style through a refreshing fusion of his favorite genres.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic, Inart explains the significance of the meaning behind his recent single “BBS.” As he raises awareness of issues of social justice, Inart states, “BIG BLACK SIENNA is one of the most important songs out of Nigeria this year. Although being widely accepted in clubs mostly for having a groovy tone to it, it’s more of a statement than a song. This song portrays the sad reality the Nigerian youth is subjected to as a result of gross misconduct by the Police. Police brutality has slowly become a norm and one of the biggest problems in this country that’s already facing enough challenges as it is. The song gives an insight into why the “End Sars” movement was started and why it immediately became a global trend. The core inspiration for this song is from my life experiences with police.”

Listen, here.


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