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Spotlight: James A. Goins

As an inventive director in theatre, musicals, and film, James A. Goins creates a deep musical piece in his track titled “Patience.”

His varied genre experience allows him to touch on many musical styles in his pieces. In his new track titled “Patience,” Goins creates a moving musical creation in which there are no vocals and solely sounds.

These sounds are able to create feelings and emotions and give listeners a sense of relief as it frees their sensations and thoughts that have been trapped within. He mentioned in an interview with BuzzMusic the importance of the “daydreaming stage” of songwriting and how it is able to get the mind working to initiate creativity and it is clear this process works wonders as a musical journey has been created through this piece.

Goins is able to vividly illustrate the triumphs and struggles individuals experience in life through the sounds. “Patience” is truly an inventive piece that will move listeners emotionally through this pure crafted creation.

Discover more about James A. Goins here.


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