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Spotlight: Jump On The Dance Floor With Disco Dicks And Their Track, “Superlicious Girl”

With their energy-infused, groovy track, “Superlicious Girl,” this magnetic duo is back at it. This song combines disco, pop, and rock elements to create this lively hit. Oozing sex appeal, “Superlicious Girl” invites listeners to get up and on the dance floor and immerse themselves within the captivatingly unique soundscape Disco Dicks has managed to create.

Throughout their exclusive interview, Disco Dicks let us in on some of their inspiration behind “Seperlicious Girl.” They noted how they were inspired by the disco/funky guitars used by bands like the Parcels for this track, and we can hear it.

They graciously divulged a bit of the storyline behind “Superlicious Girl” as well. Disco Dicks aim to wrap us up in the feelings of a fleeting night out meeting someone who immediately intrigues you and getting swept up in their spell for the evening, only to find out you’ve forgotten their name. Through “Superlicious Girl,” they attempt to encapsulate the idea of living in the present moment and the feelings that come along with that rush of these spontaneous, wild evenings.

If you’re craving more after hearing “Superlocious Girl,” don’t worry. Listeners can expect one final single before their album is released. In the meantime, continue blasting their single “Superlicious Girl.”

Check out the full-length article and interview with Disco Dicks, here.


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