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Spotlight: Kayla Silverman

Singer-songwriter Kayla Silverman embodies up-tempo, positive pop beats in her new single “Look Away”. Written to inspire listeners to create joy in their own lives and dance their problems away, Silverman uses cascading instrumentals and infectious vocals to create an enveloping light tone surrounding the poignant lyrics.

Through the multi-layered instrumentals and cascading lyrics, Silverman creates embracing harmonies that cast glimmers of a shine. Basing this track on the feeling of looking and the mirror and loving someone you are not, this contrasting principle is in place with the hopes to help individuals accept themselves.

“Look Away” is a safe escape for listeners who may feel like they are alone in their insecurities. With another EP album set to be released in the coming months, it is safe to say listeners will be seeing more of Silverman’s up-tempo compositions to help them along the gloomy, and valuable moments of life.



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