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Spotlight: Kendyle Paige Presents Her New Album, “LADYBIRD”

We've reviewed her latest album and masterpiece, "LADYBIRD," assuring everyone that it's a moment you do not want to miss. Kendyle has created a buzz through television appearances and collaborations with renowned producers traversing the entertainment landscape. Living in New York and Los Angeles, Kendyle's life experience bleeds through her sonics, allowing a resounding emotional theme to paint her dreams. Kendyle Paige's new album "LADYBIRD" offers an eclectic mix of records featuring diverse instrumentation and artistry. Each record provides a window to Kendyle's soul, leaving the listener craving more from the experienced singers' world of sound. Kendyle's smooth vocals hug your ear the further we go down the tracklist, making the overall listening experience more personal.

The "Bullseye" record has introspective lyrics and addresses the struggle of setting boundaries and finding the strength to walk away from toxic relationships. Many records display her talent for genre-blending and have many moments and melodies meshing sounds and pieces that don't traditionally go together.

In Kendyle Paige's latest interview with BuzzMusic, she describes "Lady Bird" as a super special album. "When I started dating my husband in 2018, that was his nickname for me, and I loved it. Flash forward to this year; it will be our daughter's middle name," - making this project as personal as possible.

"Cynical has this hard transition at the one-minute mark that I relate to. It's a song about grieving the lives you could have lived but also looking forward to the future". Kendyle expresses that everyone has the right to feel, and her records display a sense of ambivalence, amplifying her love for the album.

Check out the full article and interview on Kendyle Paige's latest album, "LADYBIRD," here.


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