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Spotlight: Kuzi Cee Delivers Wild Time On His New Single, “Did You Find Love"

Calgary artist Kuzi Cee paints away and voices his rollercoaster personal life while bringing forth a unique, emotional, and energetic mix of R&B, Pop, AfroBeat, & Hip Hop.

Kuzi constantly touches on his feelings and personal experiences in his music, whether that be the various hardships in life, the feeling from a night out with friends, or navigating the ups and downs that come with love and heartbreak.

“Did You Find Love” captures the sentiment of trying to find an emotional connection in a world of physical love. “Did You Find Love” is spoken from the perspective of someone who’s been broken and hurt so many times in the past, that the thought of love itself no longer entices.

In his recent interview with BuzzMusic, Kuzi said that the inspiration behind this song came from times when he went through the, I've got to put myself first phase. Kuzi tells us that he wouldn't say that it was hard being vulnerable on the track, but it is challenging to put yourself out there for the world to judge.

2022 is looking bright for Kuzi Cee, with all his previous accolades received and milestones achieved, there's no telling where you'll see the name "Kuzi Cee" surface.

Check out the full review and interview with the talented, singer-songwriter Kuzi Cee here.


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