Spotlight: littleDNGR Will Take Over Your Thoughts and Your Playlists

Grammy and Oscar-nominated Songwriters, Lisa Harriton and Bartholomew make up the Alt-Pop duo we know as, littleDNGR.

t’s hard to believe their new single, “Brand New World” is their first step into the music industry, as it is the perfect catalyst for this duo’s journey in the industry. Their sound captures a distinct style. Infused with ghostly elements that scream empowerment through every dynamic change, we are hypnotized by the atmosphere of bliss littleDNGR offers. 

If you listen closely, you’ll notice that littleDNGR is able to tell a story without lyrics. The production and instrumental elements in their songs match their stories seemingly effortlessly.

These two deliver haunting vocals that are bound to take over your thoughts and your playlists. When the abilities of these two artists collide, we get littleDNGR; a duo with exceptional chemistry, and it’s all proven in the music.

Keep an eye out for the “Brand New World” music video to be released in the near future.

Check out “Brand New World” here.