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Spotlight: Looking Back At Angela Mona And Her Timeless Release, "Deadible"

Angela Mona is a soulful singer and songwriter that brings her undeniable Armenian/American charm to the music table.

As an r&b artist, Angela Mona knows what it takes to create affecting, moving, and powerfully impacting music that lingers in the minds of listeners. Her latest soulful ballad, titled "Deadible," focuses on these elements and proves the true heart that Angela Mona herself possesses.

Being one of the most personal songs she's ever written, "Deadible" hones into the painful and scary moments she's endured that resulted in the garnered inspiration for the track. The melody came naturally, alongside the lyricism. Everything simply clicked when it came to the writing of "Deadible," and Angela Mona knew her truth was being rolled out.

You may notice that "Deadible" is shorter compared to other single releases of Angela Mona's. Shedding light on heavy and dark experiences, Angela Mona felt that the "Deadible" length was suitable and majorly portrayed what it needed to within the short time frame.

Even though it's as short as it is, don't fret, as Angela Mona plans to generate a project that includes a music series. For now, Angela Mona and her full-length article highlighting "Deadible" can be read here.


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