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Spotlight: Lost Tourists is the Next Best Rock Trio For Your Radar

While some Canadians may be disappointed that Montreal will not be hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix this summer, there is something else home this mature city that is sure to make up for the loss.

The irresistible rock band Lost Tourists has just released its debut single “Break Thru (Demo),” which has fans shocked at the future potential this group holds. The trio demonstrates unmatched musical versatility with their fluid-rock sounds that incorporate pieces of funk, jazz, blues, post-punk, and hard-rock.

Saro Hartounian, Kevork Boyadjian, and Noah Cohen-Wanis combine forces into a harmonious balance of talent that gives the band its unique grooves. Kevork Boyadjian seamlessly transitions between his wailing electric guitar lines and the delicate fingerings of catchy melodies.

Saro Hartounian introduces the soulful aspect of each song with basslines so charismatic, the listener will feel it in their gut. As the beating heart of the trio, Noah Cohen-Wanis is steady and reliable until he demands the spotlight with enchanting drum breaks. With relatable lyrics and effortless cohesion, Lost Tourists is the next rock band to watch.



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