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Spotlight: Maddisun Is off the Grid Recording Her New Album “Self Reflections"

Back from British Columbia, Maddisun is now taking on the recording process for her upcoming album “Self Reflections” set to release mid-August 2020.

After receiving a grant, she decided to take on an interesting journey with the creation of her album by staying and recording among the Kootenay forest in BC. Staying in a travel trailer without cellphone service or Wi-Fi, Maddisun is really up for a soulful experience as it takes her back to her childhood of living in the mountains, camping, and hiking amongst the beauty of nature.

Staying near Slocan Valley, Maddisun is happiest when she is surrounded by lakes, rivers, hot springs, and forests, that together help her reach those meaningful reflections.

She’s noted that her album “Self Reflections” was inspired by some iconic projects like Maggie Rogers’ “Heard It in a Past Life”, Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” and The Band’s “Ophelia”. Maddisun called the album “Self Reflections” because she feels that all 11 songs express a piece of herself and reflects an aspect that she embodies. It’s not every day that an artist will give up their social interactions with their fanbase in order to focus on their work at hand, yet we’re sure that Maddisun’s fans will be more than understanding after realizing the amazing creative process she’s undertaking.

Discover one of Maddisun's recent releases "Wild Roses (Wiidope Remix)" here.

Hey Maddisun, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re very excited to chat with you about your upcoming album “Self Reflections”. What inspired you to take this creative process into the forest of British Columbia?

Thank you, guys! I am beyond excited! I grew up in the mountains of B.C., and as a child, I did a fair amount of hiking, camping, and just exploring in the bush! Being one with nature is almost as important as being a musician for me, the two are very close-knit. So I figured it only makes sense to record my album in the place I feel the most myself, and at home,️ I also selected the studio in rural BC as I really resonated with their vision, and I am basically treating this as a little retreat.

Seeing as Maddisun is recording her album “Self Reflections” in her travel trailer with no Wi-Fi/cell service, how has your creative process been impacted by your environmental surroundings?

It definitely gives me a chance to give my full attention to the project and the music. It's nice not to have the distraction of my cell phone, and social media. The creative process is a bit more relaxed now. Living in the forest and waking up every morning, hiking, and then walking into the barn studio… it's pretty blissful and so the music follows suit.

Your upcoming album is titled “Self Reflections”. That being said, what should we anticipate from the 11 tracks on this introspective and reflective project?

As this is my debut album release, there will be a huge shift in my sound as an artist. I will be putting out some really professional, and top quality sounding music. The songs are really inspired by my life in Europe, and coming home again to the mountains. Each song is a piece of me, almost like a “reflection” and so fans can definitely expect some very heartfelt and expressive music… but also a little bit of fun, the music you can tap your toes too.

It must be relaxing to take a break from reality and focus solely on your art. Is Maddisun taking on this project solo, or do you have some team members with you along for the journey?

It is pure bliss!! This project actually has a fairly large team compared to some of my previous releases! I have a full band for this one, and the guys playing are my friends and totally solid dudes. I am working with a producer/engineer for the entire process, and I also am working with a videographer and photographer throughout as well! This is my first major release and I am so happy to have everyone helping me out.

What's next for you?

After the album is released I am going to promote like a madwoman... and make sure everyone with ears hears it... after I get some buzz and streams on the album, I hope to secure a bit of a tour. With COVID this is going to be a bit hard, so we will have to get creative. This is a big step towards a flourishing career, so big things are next!


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