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Spotlight: Marina Bennett

Exploring in-depth r&b, pop, and soul styles in her new single “Alright”, Marina Bennett is sure to fill listeners with positivity and optimism.

This Vancouver-based singer-songwriter not only releases passion-filled singles but poetry and screenplays as well. Her multitude of experiences helps Bennett not only to create music that generates feeling through its vibration but its story as well.

Marina's light vocals are filled with sentiment as she assures listeners that no matter the circumstances inner release is possible and that everything will be “Alright”. The pairing of calming piano melodies, finger-picking acoustics, and dreamy vocals, propels Bennett’s powerful voice above negativity and doubt.

Usings introspective vocals through the descriptions of her personal worries, “Alright” is a track that soothes the inner soul. Marina invites us all to be vulnerable through the listening experience of "Alright." Don't miss the chance at this musically enlightening experience, "Alright" is now streaming.


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