Spotlight: Nick Lamar Smashes Gender Norms Through his Songwriting

Coming at us from Orlando, Florida, Nick Lamar is a multi-talented artist who has recently collaborated with producer Brandon Cunningham and lyricist Ryan Mack to release his first song of 2021 “Stay.”

The singer, songwriter, and producer is smashing gender norms by highlighting a male vulnerability in his recent single. In a world that expects emotional stagnancy from men, Nick Lamar is shining a light on giving men reassurance to show their real feelings within their everyday relationships.

Through the lyrical collaborations of Ryan Mack and Nick Lamar, all listeners will be introduced to a new perspective on male vulnerability, and male listeners will be encouraged to be their authentic selves. When it comes to instrumentation and production, Brandon Cunningham and Nick Lamar work together to create timeless sonic atmospheres.

Nick Lamar has recently worked with guitarist Himi, who is known to texturize the production with raw grit. With an authentic and minimalistic production, Nick Lamar’s soulful tenors are spotlighted, making each track a harmonious R&B treasure.