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Spotlight: Nokki Cabrera, ‘The Princess of Trap Salsa’

Cuban singer hailing from Tampa, Nokki Cabrera is a woman of many talents. Singer, songwriter, model, and actress who has released her 6 track EP featuring the title track, “Trap Salsa.”

She effortlessly blends her Cuban salsa roots with pop music and hip hop, trap-inspired melodies, so much so that she’s been called the “Princess of Trap Salsa.” Nokki is thrilled to introduce her Cuban roots to listeners in a way never done before.

"Trap Salsa" opens up with a spicy Latin instrumental featuring tight shakers, guitar plucking, bright brass sections, and a deep groovy drum beat. As she makes her vocal appearance on the track, listeners are left amazed by her confidence and bold sensual vocal production. Even in another language, she delivers a groovy beat bound to move you onto the dance floor.

Discover more about Nokki Cabrera, here.


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