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Dance Away to the Sounds of Nokki Cabrera's "Trap Salsa"

The Tampa-hailing Cuban singer-songwriter, model and actress Nokki Cabrera highlights the title track, "Trap Salsa," from her recent magnetic 6-track EP.

Striving to create an infectious blend of Cuban salsa, American pop, and southern hip-hop undertones have led Nokki Cabrera to claim her title as the "Princess of Trap Salsa." Winning fans over with her keen fashion sense, humble personality, and rhythmic tunes, listeners are bound to feel a sense of connection with Nokki Cabrera.

Recently releasing her 6-track EP, 'Trap Salsa,' Nokki Cabrera is excited to bring listeners into the sound of her roots. By way of the project's title track, "Trap Salsa," we're able to introduce ourselves to Nokki Cabrera's many creative ways while getting lost in her alluring vocal stylings and delicious sonic atmospheres.

Diving into the title track, "Trap Salsa," the song opens with a spicy array of Latin instrumentation featuring tight shakers, plucky guitars, a bright brass section, and an undeniably groovy drum beat. As Nokki Cabrera makes her warm vocal appearance, she instantly leaves us with a breath of fresh air through her intimate vocal production and natural confidence.

We adore the alluring and sensual vocal delivery that Nokki Cabrera offers, as it truly carries the track to new heights. Although we're not well-versed in the Spanish language, Nokki Cabrera serenades us with incredible heart and passion that lifts us out of any rut and onto the dancefloor. With an irresistible trap-like breakdown around the bridge, Nokki Cabrera carries us towards the outro with immense rhythm and groove.

Move your feet to the infectious beat of Nokki Cabrera's latest single, "Trap Salsa," and find the rest of the 'Trap Salsa' EP on all digital streaming platforms.


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