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Spotlight: Olivia Phillips Debuts, ‘color monsters <3’

Olivia Phillips is an Australian-American singer-songwriter and alternative-folk artist who has released her debut single ‘color monsters <3’.

As listeners, we’re able to hear Olivia wear her heart on her sleeve with the combination of beautiful, lush, and delicate instrumental arrangements. The song opens up with layered electric guitars which transition into bright keyboard melodies.

Olivia’s wide range of vocals gracefully adds to the ambiance and her lyrics transport us into another world. She says ‘color monsters <3’ felt truest to her. She references inspirations from drawings, posters, and literature within the studio, she specifically references Albert Camus’ ‘A Happy Death.'

Olivia describes an experience she had watching a sunset over Mount Hood and listening to the final version as “a really blissful experience”. Finally, she touched on upcoming releases saying, “the goal in my upcoming releases is to showcase the many styles in my writing and to never have to conform to a genre”. This is very reflective of who Olivia is sonically and creatively as well.

Discover more about Olivia Phillips here.

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