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Spotlight: PRADO And Her Latest Release, "Dance Dance Dance"

Singer-songwriter and pop artist PRADO turns up the mood in her latest single, "Dance Dance Dance."

This 20-year-old recording artist of Cuban grew up in a biracial household and quickly learned the importance of general and musical diversity. PRADO extends her reach far and wide while releasing music bilingual music.

PRADO always incorporates the vibes of blues tunes and energetic elements of Cuban music. "Dance Dance Dance" comes to life and shakes the speakers with an unmatched energy that makes us want to get up, let loose, and "Dance Dance Dance."

"Dance Dance Dance" opens with lush keyboard melodies alongside PRADO's breathy yet soothing vocals. The song's production and dance make beats make it a treat for us to dig into, and PRADO's performance is everything we need to turn up and feel the music.

The song transforms into a vibey high-energy anthem, perfect for any party, club, or bar. PRADO's sensual vocals and gripping song lyrics keep our ears locked and loaded.

Catch PRADO'S interview and review her influential record "Dance Dance Dance" here.


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