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Spotlight: Rodney Eldridge Wants Listeners to Get Deep in Thought With His New Music

Rodney Eldridge always had an inclination that music was destined for him to be a part of in a deeper sense. After a compelling emotional journey, Rodney Eldridge felt summoned to create his own EP, "Black Box," which featured critical expressions of his life perspective.

One particular track off of Rodney Eldridge's EP, titled "The Weight," offered uplifting and wise lyricism that provoked a deeper sense of thought. When chatting with Rodney Eldridge, he elaborated that "The Weight" was truly meant to be a conversation between himself and his soul.

The song ventured through the realities of life, the hardships that come as a result of life, as well as the internal battles that can surface. "The Weight" covers many more themes, such as staying true to oneself and holding oneself to a higher standard in many regards. Many moments of Rodney Eldridge's life led to the creation of "The Weight," and one can easily feel the impact the song itself carries.

All in all, Rodney Eldridge strives for his listeners to look deeper within themselves upon listening to his music, and "The Weight" is a great place to begin.

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