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Spotlight: Rosel Constructs Sonic Textures and Atmospheres

Based in the UK, Rosel is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who draws musical inspiration from countless genres including cover future house, post-rock, R&B, post-punk, and dance. For the past 8 years, he had been working live events as a production manager, until last year when he decided to write and produce his own tracks under the project name ‘Rosel.’ The lockdowns of 2020 ended up urging the artist out of his hiatus and back into the creative processes of original music.

With the project ‘Rosel’ the ultimate goal is to combine sounds and visual arts in order to construct textures and atmospheres for fans to experience, rather than simply hear. When it comes to the creative process for his music, Rosel looks to the type of sounds he wants to hear when searching for new tracks. While he may begin the process with an original idea, he often finds himself becoming more imaginative and animated as he mixes his instrumentations. He emphasizes the importance of revealing his authentic self through his art, which further encourages his fans to do the same.

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