Spotlight: S.A.A.R.A. Fuses Synthetic Soundscapes with Symphonic Orchestration

Hailing from North London, budding musician S.A.A.R.A. is brimming with talent as she rides the waves of a multitude of genres including orchestral funk, garage-rock, guerrilla-funk, alt-pop, jazz, and R&B. She is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and sound artist whose genre-diverse past is evident through her musical versatility.

S.A.A.R.A. spent years being talked over as she moved between bands in the male-dominated industry of production and composition. She decided to take her life into her own hands by setting up her own project in order to find her voice – and make it heard.

The budding artist will take your breath away with her modern approach to orchestration as she fuses synthetic production with organic instrumentation and blazes a trail for future female composers.

Discover more about S.A.A.R.A., here.