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Spotlight: Safety Word Teams Up With Zak Vortex to Craft, "Perfect Diamonds"

The recent collaboration between digital band Safety Word and electronic mixer Zak Vortex went underway and the product ended up being a smooth collection of stunning sonic tones. Safety Word consists of members John Rousvanis, and Simon Quinn. Each member contributes their own characteristic sound and attributes it to the effortless groove that results from their songs.

The collaboration between these artists resulted in the song "Perfect Diamonds." The lyricism in this particular song shone bright, as the band was inspired by the current contemporary times. The lyrical landscape was ventured beyond widths and a more straightforward message is given to listening ears.

"Perfect Diamonds" proved to be a song that allowed Safety Word to step out of their comfort zone, and did they ever step out with grace! We're left compelled by their sudden switch in style, and we can't wait to see what this digitally-inspired band will conjure up next.

To read more about Safety Word and their single, "Perfect Diamonds," catch their full BuzzMusic interview article here.

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