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Spotlight: Sam Hunter Is a Constant Source of Motivation

Coming at us from Sydney, Australia, Sam Hunter is a Hip-Hop, singer-songwriter who is looking to make a name for himself with his suave and debonaire style. With his charismatic personality, Sam Hunter has no trouble engaging his audience and creating lasting memories for his fans. The emcee showcases his versatility as he peppers flavors of seductive instrumentation, smooth synths, and thought-provoking lyrics into each song.

When it comes to his songwriting process, Sam Hunter aims to take advantage of his growing platform by spreading inspirational messages to his fans. After spending a decade working behind a coffee machine in Australia, he became a support system and a source of motivation for his local community members. With his history in connecting with people on a deeper level, Sam Hunter highlights the habits of society within his songwriting, giving fans both something to relate to and work towards.

In a recent interview with BuzzMusic regarding his mission statement as an artist, Sam Hunter stated “simply to entertain and make people smile, enjoy themselves. As an artist, I want to engage with humans all around the world, especially those who are struggling with their own problems or identity. I would like my music to help them remember that it's ok to be yourself and follow your dreams. Say no to things you don't enjoy!”

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