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Spotlight: Secret Forté’s New Hit Single “After Party,” Takes Us Back To A Nostalgic Time

Secret Forté is an Indie Rock trio hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Made up of members Eric Grundy, Elyssa Snow, and Juan Rincones, in their own words, this band is "constantly trying to capture the truest form of feeling, through music."

The band went to high school together, but Secret Forté didn't start writing music until a few years later. Juan (frontman) and Eric (lead guitar) began writing music together in 2014 after reuniting by chance (literally running into each other) at an EDM show. After a year of writing songs together, the two decided to look for a drummer and a bassist to play live shows when (drummer) Elyssa and (former bassist) Adrien joined Secret Forté.

The band's music explores various themes, including friendship, heartbreak, self-doubt, and more. Despite these darker concepts, Secret Forté incorporates brighter, blissful melodies alongside elements of nostalgia throughout their tracks. These ingredients are displayed in their new single and music video, "After Party."

The inspiration for "After Party" comes from finding yourself in a situation (like a house party that your friends dragged you to) and feeling like you don't belong. Wondering, "Why am I here?" but just trying to go with the flow while finding a little light in the darkness.

Secret Forte is gearing up to record a new EP. We are so excited for their latest batch of songs to come out into the world.

Read the full song review and interview with Secret Forte, here.


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